Ali Bakhshi


Co-Owner of Fast Fix Tires.

Customers for life


It is our mission to shock and surprise each and every one of our customers by showing them our innovative and fresh approach on how we service them.

We strive to put a smile on our customers' faces and make them remember us each time they think about tires. We create customers for life.

Rob Moore

Co-Owner of Fast Fix Tires

Kevin Forder


Co-Owner of Fast Fix Tires.

Ali Bakhshi and Kevin Forder have teamed up to revolutionize tire shops. 

When Kevin had a flat tire one day, he took it to a conventional tire shop to get it fixed. In the three hours of waiting for his flat tire to be repaired, he watched at how this business operated and he soon realized the mistakes they were doing and what could be improved. Kevin immediately called Ali because of the experience he has with the tire business. After lengthy conversations and research, they felt it necessary to pursue a business that would make customers lives easier.

​Enter Fast Fix Tires. A 100% Mobile Shop that does the same services as the other guys but better, cheaper, and faster.

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